McGregor “Reserve” Chardonnay 2015: $25 Fair to Good

The McGregor “Reserve” Chardonnay (Finger Lakes, NY) 2015 $25 [Fair to Good] is a hard-edged wine with moderately intense flavors.  Oaky notes and alcoholic pepperiness are not well integrated.  As a result, balance is an issue.

Medium straw in color, the aromas are hard edged and restrained, with scents of green apple, butterscotch, brown spice and mineral.  Medium to full bodied, dry, silky, with a slightly tannic and very peppery mouth feel, balance is fair.  Modest flavors of apple, butterscotch and brown spice are undercut by oaky and bitter notes and the wine’s peppery qualities.  The finish is lightly tannic,  peppery hot, with excessive bitter notes.  March 2018


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