Dr. Konstantin Frank “Hilda” Chardonnay 2016: $35 Good+ to Very Good

The Dr. Konstantin Frank “Hilda” Chardonnay (Finger Lakes, NY) 2016 $35 [Good+ to Very Good] is a well balanced wine (its best attribute), with a noticeable jot of sugar and light to medium intense flavors.  It is a barrel fermented wine, so there is a great deal of oak influence in the aromas and flavors.  Primarily a  sipper, it doesn’t have enough intensity to work well at the dinner table.  It is less impressive after a sojourn in the  fridge, so drink it in one sitting.  Given its quality, the sticker price is quite high. 

Medium to dark straw in color, the aromas are airy and light, with scents of charcoal, toast, spice, and low-key apple and sappy white peach.  Medium to full bodied, off dry to medium dry, with a soft lighter weight mouth feel, balance is very good.  Gentle lightly intense flavors of ripe apple, sappy white peach, toast, and spice are pleasing but lack intensity and don’t make a strong impression.  The finish is balanced, slightly bitter, with average length.  April 2018


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