Red Tail Ridge Chardonnay 2016: $14 Very Good to Very Good+

The Red Tail Ridge “Doyle Fournier Vineyard” Unoaked Chardonnay (Finger Lakes, NY) $14 [Very Good to Very Good+] is an elegant medium dry Chardonnay, with a good deal of flavor.  A little sweetness helps makes it a very fine sipper.  Impressive balance and harmony mean it will work well with food, especially simpler and lighter foods, such as roast chicken or mild cheeses.  Best of all, it is a phenomenal value.

Pale lemon in color, clean medium intense aromas of beeswax, ripe yellow apple, lemon curd, white pepper, and a hint of smoke are precise and appealing.  Medium bodied, medium dry, mouth filling, with a bit of spritz for liveliness, balance is very good.  Solid toothsome flavors of ripe yellow apple, beeswax, lemon curd, tangerine, white pepper and smoky/chalky mineral have very good intensity and focus.  This is a pretty and elegant wine.  The finish turns a bit toward spice and mineral, with very good balance and length.  Appley flavors linger.  March 2017

Note: This wine is better balanced and slightly higher in quality than the Fox Run Doyle Family Chardonnay 2016, which comes from the same vineyard.  The Doyle is drier, however, and may work better with some dinner dishes.  Both wines are stellar buys. 


© Douglas Hillstrom 2014