Glenora Gewürztraminer 2015: $15 Good

The Glenora Wine Cellars Gewürztraminer 2015 $15 [Good] has some solid fruit flavors, but earthy, weedy and bitter notes detract from its pleasures.  This wine actually improved after an overnight in the fridge, so don’t rush to drink the entire bottle.

Bright medium lemon in color, there are light musky aromas of pear, lychee and spice touched by earthy/weedy notes.  The aromas are iniitially vague, but become more forceful with air.  Medium bodied, dry, with an attractive silky texture and average acidity, balance is good.  Medium intense sappy/musky flavors of apple, pear, lychee and very mild spice are touched by fairly strong accents — a bitter note, soil, and a saline streak. These accents do not add complexity.  Rather, they detract from the wine’s enjoyability.  The finish is balanced, moderately salty and bitter, with average length.  October 2016


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