Stony Lonesome “Estate Reserve” Gewürztraminer 2015: $11 Fair

The Stony Lonesome “Estate Reserve” Gewürztraminer (Finger Lakes, NY) 2015 $11 [Fair] is not an attractive wine.  It shows little Gewürztraminer character.  The aromas and flavors are dominated by stony and green stemmy notes rather than fruit and spice.  This wine was difficult to drink after a night in the fridge, so be sure to consume it in one sitting, the colder the better.

Pale lemon in color, aromas of dusty stones and green stems are prominent in the nose, with very light lychee and pear fruit.  The wine doesn’t say “Gewürztraminer.”  Medium bodied, medium dry to medium sweet, with adequate acidity, balance is good.  Light flavors of candied lychee and pear are sharply accented by dusty stones and bitter green notes, which detract.  There is little of the spice or fruit one expects in a Gewürztraminer. The finish emphasizes salty, bitter and green notes at the expense of spice and fruit.  Length is average.  March 2017


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