McGregor Dry Gewürztraminer 2016: $25 Good to Good+

The McGregor Vineyard Dry Gewürztraminer “Reserve” (Finger Lakes, NY) 2016 $25 [Good to Good+] is a high acid wine, and is not immediately identifiable as Gewürztraminer, which is very odd for this distinctive variety.  Not rewarding to drink on its own, this bottle is considerably better with food.

Pale lemon in color, the aromas are tart and don’t shout “Gewürztraminer” as is typically the case.  Light scents of lemon/lime, chalky mineral, and nose tickling acidity rise from the glass, with hints of rose and pear.  Medium to full bodied, very dry, with high acidity for Gewürztraminer, balance is good.  Light flavors of lemon/lime, pear, lychee and a fairly strong mineral note are often difficult to grasp.  The flavors are clearer and more satisfying with food (Pork Stew with Apple and Sweet Potato worked well).  The finish is tart, linear and on the short side.  February 2018


© Douglas Hillstrom 2014