Lamoreaux Landing “T23” Cabernet Franc 2015: $15 to $20 Very Good

The Lamoreaux Landing “T23” Unoaked Cabernet Franc (Finger Lakes, NY) 2015 $15 to $20 [Very Good] is a model easy-drinking Cabernet Franc.  Quite soft and silky, with very good balance and solid harmonious flavors, this is a red wine to sip or to drink with medium intense foods.  It is the best T23 I have had from Lamoreaux, and an excellent value at the lower point of the price range.

Medium ruby in color, aromas of raspberry, black cherry, dried leaves, graphite and a modicum of peppery spice have nice intensity and harmony.  Medium bodied, soft & satiny, with light structural tannin, balance is quite good.  Flavors of raspberry and black cherry, dried leaves, graphite, gravel, and light peppery spice are of-a-piece and satisfying.  The transition to the finish is very smooth, with a bit of additional spice emerging and good length.  January 2017


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