Randolph O’Neill Cabernet Franc 2015: $20 Very Good

The Randolph O’Neill Cabernet Franc (Finger Lakes, NY) $20 [Very Good] is a quaffable, easy-drinking wine with lots of juicy red fruit and a commensurate dose of Cabernet Franc pepperiness.  This bottle would be perfect for a wine and cheese party — the fattiness of the cheese would temper the bitter and peppery qualities of this wine.

Medium dark ruby in color, fresh and solid aromas of raspberry and black cherry are accented by peppery spice, lavender, sweet tobacco and lead pencil.  Medium bodied, with light gritty tannin and a good deal of freshening acidity, this is a well balanced wine.  Fresh & medium intense flavors of raspberry, black cherry, peppery spice, lavender and tobacco are attractive and easy to appreciate.  The finish is somewhat bitter, with a slow peppery burn and good length.  A touch of bitter green tannin lingers.  June 2017


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