Bet the Farm Dornfelder 2016: $19 Fair to Good

The Bet the Farm Winery Dornfelder (Finger Lakes, NY) 2016 $19 [Fair to Good] certainly has some attractive ripe fruit.  But it also has a distinctly pickled character, with sour notes especially prominent in the finish.  With the right foods, these sour/pickled notes might be alleviated to some extent, but the enjoyment of this wine depends upon one’s tolerance of sour flavors.  Not a sipper, this wine would be best with casual foods.

Medium dark ruby in color, the aromas feature black cherry, milk chocolate, meaty notes, and bitter green herbs.  Medium bodied, silky, with a lightly sour character and low tannin, balance is good.  Solid flavors of black cherry, cherry, milk chocolate and bitter green herbs are upstaged to a certain extent by sour and bitter notes.  Fruit fades in the finish, replaced by cloying vanilla and tobacco.  An unpleasant sour note is left behind.  December 2017


© Douglas Hillstrom 2014