Boundary Breaks “No. 239” Dry Riesling 2016: $19 Good to Good+

The Boundary Breaks “No. 239” Dry Riesling (Finger Lakes, NY) $19 [Good to Good+] is very alcoholic for Riesling (13.5%).  In addition to the alcohol, there is at least 1% residual sugar in this wine, indicating the grapes were extremely ripe.  Ripeness is generally a plus, but in this case alcoholic “hotness” and astringency suppress the wine’s appeal.  Drink it with food.

Medium lemon yellow in color, the aromas show a good deal of ripeness, with scents of apple, peach and honey accented by lemon oil, earth, and a sour note.  Full bodied, off dry to medium dry, a bit astringent, the wine shows some alcoholic heat.  Balance is fair.  Flavors of green apple, apricot, peach, pepper and earth certainly have some substance but are impeded by alcoholic heat and pepperiness.  The finish shows both astringency and heat, with good length.  June 2017



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