Buttonwood Grove “Frances Amelia” Riesling 2015: $25 Good

The Buttonwood Grove “Frances Amelia” Riesling (Finger Lakes, NY) 2015 $25 [Good] seemed to have little or no flavor after I opened it.  With a couple of hours of aeration, some light lime and green apple fruit was unearthed, but oaky notes tended to subvert the newfound flavors.  Drink this wine with snacks.

Medium lemon in color, the aromas are very light and diffuse, with notions of lime, apple, spice and overtly oaky notes.  Medium bodied, quite dry, with substantial acidity and a dab of tannin, balance is OK.  Light (almost neutral) flavors of lime and apple are coupled with oaky and spicy notes and make very little impact.  The finish is lackluster, slightly bitter and overtly oaky, with little length.  January 2017

Note: The web site describes this bottle as a “Dry Riesling” (it is), but the label merely says “Riesling.”  This wine was fermented in oak.


© Douglas Hillstrom 2014