Dr. Konstantin Frank “Margrit” Dry Riesling 2015: $35 Very Good

The 2014 Margrit Dry Riesling was one of the most important (and best) Rieslings of the 2014 vintage.  A novel effort from Dr. Frank, the wine was fermented in oak barrels.  It’s successor, the Dr. Konstantin Frank “Margrit” Dry Riesling (Finger Lakes, NY) 2015 $35 [Very Good] received the same treatment.  While this is certainly a very good wine, it doesn’t have the power or food friendliness of its predecessor, and its sweetness can be slightly cloying when the wine is warm.  Be sure to serve it cold.

Medium lemon in color, the Margrit has near-buttery aromas of tangerine, lime and apricot along with conspicuous notes of brown spice and subtle hints of vanilla.  Medium bodied, medium dry, with a round mouth feel and a citric tang, balance is very good.  Flavors of ripe apricot, lemon and lime are framed by brown spice and subtle oaky notes.  At times the flavors are reminiscent of peach pie, or baked peaches and marshmallows.  The finish is noticeably sweet, tart and tangy, with very good length.  August 2017


© Douglas Hillstrom 2014