Hermann J. Wiemer “Reserve” Riesling 2015: $29 Very Good?

Sometimes it is rather difficult to put a label (much less a number!) on a wine.  The Hermann J. Wiemer “Reserve” Riesling (Seneca Lake, Finger Lakes, NY) 2015: $29 [Very Good?] is a case in point.  The aromas are obviously rich, but the flavors are not nearly as impressive.  While this wine is labelled “dry,” it is on the sweet side of medium dry, and sometimes tastes simply “sweet.”  The “sweet-ish” flavors and a lack of acidity make its usefullness at the dinner table doubtful.  On the other hand, it isn’t yet very expressive or coherent, and thus not terribly satisfying as a sipper.  In short, if you buy this wine, set it aside for a couple of years and hope that it comes together.  At that time it may be a “very good” sipping wine.

Medium lemon yellow in color, the rich aromas are ripe and oily, with scents of ripe apple, pear, lime, tangerine, honey, spice and a wooly/earthy note, which detracts a bit.  Medium bodied, soft, medium dry, with low acidity, balance is OK.  Flavors of oily ripe apple & pear, apricot, lime, spice and a wooly/earthy note have substance, but lack liveliness and harmony.  Flavor intensity drops off rather quickly in the finish, with wooly/bitter notes emerging and good length.  January 2017


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