Ravines “White Springs” Riesling 2015: $21 Very Good to Very Good+

The Ravines “White Springs” Riesling (Finger Lakes, NY) 2015 $21 [Very Good to Very Good+] is a cool, elegant, and restrained wine of medium intensity.  Its quince and limestone aromas are atypical for the region, and suggest France’s Loire Valley as much as the Finger Lakes.  Meant for your dinner table, this wine may well broaden and improve with age.

Medium lemon yellow in color, light aromas of quince, apple, lime, nut oils, anise and chalky mineral are subtle and restrained, and remind me of a wine from the Loire.  Medium bodied, dry, silky, with a hint of chalky tannin, balance is very good.  Tart and restrained flavors of green apple, pear, dried apricot, lemon, lime, citrus zest, and nut oils are accented by a strong limestone mineral note.  The finish is tart and bracing, with good length.  November 2016

Note:  This wine improves with air, so consider decanting it.  Don’t serve it too cold.

RavinesDryRieslingWhiteSprings2015 copy

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