Vineyard View Dry Riesling 2015: $16 Poor to Fair

I cannot recall a wine that made me cough and sneeze as much as the Vineyard View Dry Riesling (Finger Lakes, NY) 2015 $16 [Poor to Fair].  With far too much acidity and an overdose of sulfur, this wine is not merely unbalanced, but hard to drink.

Very pale green-ish lemon in color, the aromas are acidic, pungent and sulfurous, with hints of lime, lemon and white peach.  Medium bodied, off-dry, with a tremendous amount of acidity, balance is poor.  Modest flavors of lime, apple, and grapefruit zest have a sappy/foxy quality, and are hard to appreciate with all the teeth-shattering acidity.  The finish is unbalanced, very tart and short.  July 2016


© Douglas Hillstrom 2014